Cielos Garden, MBNadia + Thomas

When you know, you know …

Nadia was my first ever boudoir model. I was previously a solely fashion photographer and had no idea about boudoir industry. But when I was requested to capture this smoking bombshell beauty and her intriguing intimate side. I said F$@k Yeah!!!! (see below why I used those word) She was my inspiration to photograph empowering women and to create sensual, timeless faminine images.

Shortly after Thom and Nadia started dating, I got a message that Nadia have met someone really special. Everything happened quickly, they moved in together, got a dog and then a proposal. I guess sometimes you just know when a person is right for you.

Enjoy looking through this stunning, exceptionally beautiful wedding celebration. I had fantastic time documenting this magical day, hanging out with passionate couple and their wedding party!

Have I mentioned I also danced all night? .. What a great evening!

Sidenote to the above:

In case you don’t get why I swore in this blog post – Thom was a co leader of  November Project Winnipeg (NP) .  A super fun working out group that takes place every Wednesday morning at 6:14am at the Forks (meet up location: skatepark)! Show up and see the amazing Winnipeg working out and support community we have! I am one of the tribe members so you can see me working out there too. 

At NP when we ask ARE YOU GOOD? the answer always is #F$@K YEAH!

Assisted by the super talented Josh Dookie