Will you post my images on the internet?
if you don’t feel comfortable with it, we won’t. All the posted pictures will have had written consent before they appear online.

Can you remove cellulite/stretch marks/acne/scars?
Yes, I retouch pictures. I will remove imperfections which you find distracting from your natural beauty. Just let me know if you prefer to keep scars tattoos etc that have sentimental history for you.

Can we meet before the shoot?

Yes, it is actually mandatory we meet before hand so we can discuss the details of your shoot and get to know each other. During this time we will also sign a contract and collect your retainer (50 percent of the total price + tax of the package you choose to hold your booking time).

How do I pay?

Cash, e transfer or cheque please

I can’t make my shoot date, can I reschedule?

Yes! If something comes up and you need to reschedule we require 48 hours notice. After 48 hours your retainer is not transferable
Can I cancel my shoot?
Yes, however during the booking we require a retainer and this is non refundable.

Where do you do the sessions?

Our sessions take place on location or in studio. How ever as the location varies so will the price.

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?

You will bring your own outfits/ lingerie/accessories etc that you wish to wear. Please see our section on how to prepare for the shoot.

Do you have a limit on outfit changes?

No, you can change as many times as you wish. Keeping in mind there is a time limit (up to 2h). Don’t worry I have experience in fashion styling and while I prep you for your shoot I help you create the most flattering look for you.

What about hair and makeup, do I do it myself?

Hair and makeup is included in every package. I hire a professional Hair and Makeup artist. We will make sure you look and feel absolutely beautiful, ready for the cover of a fashion magazine!

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

No. I think you will be more relaxed when there is no one else but you and me in the room/studio. No one will be judging you and I will only choose the best images of you!

I’m super nervous
It is very common that women start off nervous. I will help you get comfortable. I encourage you too bring your favorite music that can help you relax. It doesn’t take long and you will look and feel like a natural model!

I want to wait until i loose 10, 20, 30 pounds…..

We all want to loose those few extra pounds, it’s okay! I will make sure you look the best you ever have and feel totally comfortable. I will work with your body and use tricks in your poses to enhance your most beautiful features.